Biodiversity Posters

I had to come up with a poster series for my portfolio class and I decided to do it on Biodiversity, which is the diversity of life on this planet and how every living think effects pretty much every other living this either directly of indirectly.  Take a look and let me know what you think.


The Monkey’s Paw Illustrations

So originally I thought that I was going to try and put more color in these illustrations but after I brought them into PhotoShop, none of the colors seemed to work very well.  So I decided to only change the color of the book title, the author and the titles on the chapter pages.  I think that they look pretty good with no additional colors added.  Please let me know what you think if you want to share your opinion.



Title and Chapter pages for “The Monkey’s Paw” for digital pre press

These were created for my digital pre press class, we had to choose a short story and create a cover for it in the style of an illustrator.  I chose to base my cover and part pages after Ralph Steadman who has a very loose sketchy style with his ink pen splattering on almost every stroke.  I tried to make it my own and not just copy his work and personally I think it works pretty well.  I will add some color to them in photoshop before they are done.

5 Web Portfolios

The following web portfolios all contain something that I would possibly like to use in my own Personal Portfolio Website.

As I was looking through all these different websites, scanning for ideas to pull from and maybe use on my own site.  I found many different styles and the sites above reflect that.  What I like about each of the sites is that the designer really shows a part of themselves in the work.  They are designers that are creating a place where they can be themselves and show what they can do.  Some create this place by including some artwork of theirs on the main screen, others do this with clean lines and excellent typography.  I have taken a lot from the sites that I have visited and am sure to take a whole lot more from many more sites similar to the ones listed above.


Hello, I am a graphic designer and this is my blog.

This is for the purpose of connecting with other graphic designers to receive and give feedback on work.